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Does your company have a good company culture?

Do you want to find out if your employees are happy? And what's important to them?

Invite STJARNA to do an assessment and find out!

Assessment package 1

STJARNA Office photos

Office photos Stjarna Devhouse Spindle
Office photos Stjarna Devhouse Spindle
Office photos Stjarna Devhouse Spindle

Do you want beautiful pictures of your office, taken by a professional photographer? Photos that perfectly reflect the atmosphere and facilities in your company.

These photos will be added to your company page, so jobseekers will have the complete picture of your company at a glance.

Check out a company page that has office photos >

Assessment package 2

STJARNA Online article

Struggling to find good candidates?

In the online article we answer the question "What is it like to work at your company?”. People looking for a job get an objective look behind the scenes and can therefore better assess whether this suits them.

An independent article, written by us, is also a lot more credible than the promo-story on your own website.

We publish this article prominently on our website and social media channels. This will increase your visibility for candidates.

An example...

Assessment package 3

STJARNA Internal evaluation

We will do individual interviews with you and your employees. This way we find out to what extent your employees are happy and which issues they deal with in the workplace. Because the conversations are totally confidential, employees are (sometimes even for the first time) able to be truly open and honest.

Based on what we hear in the interviews, we make an evaluation document about your company. This document is 'for your eyes only'. In addition, we also give concrete advice on what you can do to improve your company culture, making it easier for you to attract top talent, have employees that are more productive and stay at your company longer.

"The assessment of Stjarna has revealed new points for improvement for our company, with which we can create an even better workplace. After receiving the results of the assessment we immediately started working on implementing various points for improvement that were included in the concrete report."

Jarik Oosting SmartRanking Stjarna

Jarik Oosting
SmartRanking CEO

Assessment package 4

STJARNA Complete

All of the above!

STJARNA Complete gets you both the online article (incl. photo session of your office) and the internal evaluation. Because we do individual interviews with your employees for the internal evaluation, we can also use this data for the online article. As a result, this package has by far the best price/quality ratio!