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Struggling with recruitment? Professional office photos can help!

November 26 2020

You are a tech company and you are looking for skilled workers to join your team. The problem is a whole lot of other tech companies are in search of tech talent too. So how can you ensure you stand out from the rest and - even better - showcase your authentic company culture so that you attract the right people to your team?

Here is where office photos come into play. Professional photos of your lobby, conference rooms, common spaces, or recreation rooms give a clear and authentic reflection of your company: this helps job seekers get the complete picture of your company at a glance.

You have probably heard this before: "A picture is worth a thousand words." This couldn't be more true.

Actual photos of your workspace let job seekers see things for themselves and get to know you, so they can get a feeling of your company before deciding to apply for a particular vacancy.

Do you want to showcase authentic photos of your office that reflect the actual atmosphere in your company? These photos will be added to your company page so that you will have a complete profile on Stjarna. The benefits for you are twofold: job seekers will get the complete picture of your company at a glance while you will be sure to attract the right talent to your company which will ease your recruitment process.

Take a look at one of the tech companies on our platform, Devhouse Spindle, that our professional photographer captured for the website.

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