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7 interesting tech companies to work for from Groningen

April 24, 2020 (last update: May 22, 2020)

What are interesting tech companies to work for in the start-up capital of the North?


An employer who cares a lot about "employee happiness" is Voys! This international employer, which started in 2006, provides companies with advanced telephony solutions. Voys works with the so-called "holacracy" model. This can basically be seen as "working without bosses". Each employee is actually a kind of independent entrepreneur, which results in a lot of freedom and autonomy. They also have an impressive handbook for new employees, which explains the company's history, what your first day on the job looks like, and where the company's standards and values are explained. Sentences like "We are convinced that happy colleagues make for happy customers." and the fact that new dads are not given the statutory 2 days but 2 weeks of paid leave, certainly sounds like music to our ears. Here, employees are really put first. Voys is located in Het Kwadraat, the former Dagblad van het Noorden building, close to IKEA.

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Until recently, was completely unknown to us (shame on us), but this is a very interesting company in terms of product (a kind of Google search engine on steroids, but for companies), but also from the perspective of an employee. What employees are most satisfied with is the fact that this employer really finds it important to invest in their employees. You get a free lunch and a free company bike for example. All employees are also given full opportunity to develop themselves, and their own input and initiatives are actively appreciated. The internal language here is English, interesting for people who cannot (yet) speak Dutch or people who like to communicate in English anyway. Their office is located at the Mediacentrale, which is near the trainstation Groningen Europapark.

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Most people know Payt as a sponsor of FC Groningen, but what most people do not know is that it is also a good employer. Their product is best described as "smart cloud software for debtor management", so basically a typical SaaS (Software as a Service). There is a lot of focus here on learning new things, and as an employee you get a lot of freedom to try things out. About 30 people work here in total, and in terms of technologies they work, among others with Ruby on Rails and React.

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Parkos is a platform where you as a consumer can book a parking space for your car at airports all over the world. This company was founded by Arne Bos and Peter Bosma and the office is located at the Hereweg. About 40 people work here. At Parkos they find it important to look at the development of each employee, and that own initiatives are appreciated. The reviews that Parkos employees have left on our website are all very positive and as we write this, the company has a STJARNA SCORE of 86.5%! What is especially appreciated are the team spirit and the typical start-up vibe.

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HackerOne is a worldwide highly successful company that helps companies detect security bugs in their web applications. The head office is in Silicon Valley, but there is also an office in Groningen (on the corner of Griffeweg and Europaweg). This is a company where English is the main language, which is super interesting for the ever growing group of people who live in Groningen but do not speak Dutch. There is a clear focus on integrity, transparency, collaboration and the community.

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Hotelchamp's headquarters are actually in Amsterdam, but the development department is in Groningen. Hotelchamp's product is mainly intended for somewhat smaller hotels that do not have an IT or marketing department themselves, but do benefit from good technical tools to attract more customers. So like Payt, the product is also a SaaS. The development team is quite small (+/- 5 employees in Groningen), so ideal for people who like a small, well-organized team.

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Devhouse Spindle

Spindle is a subsidiary of Voys, so everything we have mentioned about Voys when it comes to company culture also applies here. Spindle can be seen as the development department of Voys and VoIPGRID and other Voys projects. Spindle is also located in Het Kwadraat. About 50 people work here and these are generally people who are very active in the Groningen "start-up" scene.

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