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About us

STJARNA is an independent platform with the following goals:


Help people searching for a job with transparent and honest information about tech employers.


Help (tech) employers improve their company culture and employee happiness.

For job seekers

We want to make it easier for job seekers to determine which employers are interesting and which employers are better to be avoided. We do this by offering the opportunity to read and post reviews about employers. We also want to help job seekers with interesting articles on how to best prepare for an interview and tips on how to find out what a really good employer is.

For employers

Anyone can basically start a business, and with a bit of luck it can even become a successful business in terms of sales. However, this does not mean that you are automatically a good employer, there is much more to it. Too often there is too much focus on the "making money" aspect and surviving in the first place rather than creating an environment where it is important to listen to your employees.

We believe that you will also be more successful in the long term in terms of business, if you do not put the aspect of "making money" first, but putting your own employees first. Research indicates that happy workers are overall more productive.

Our goal is to put those employers who are already doing very well in the spotlight so that other employers can learn from them. We also want to help employers with advice on how to improve their corporate culture and employee happiness. We do this by offering STJARNA assessments.

Our story

We founded STJARNA because we ourselves have had very positive and very negative experiences when it comes to employers. We have seen examples of how it should and should not be done.

Too often we have seen that colleagues were also frustrated, but did not dare to say anything about it because they didn't want to risk a conflict. Or they simply were not listened to. Or they thought "well, this is normal". We know this is not normal, and there is a lot you can do about it, and we also have a lot of ideas about what you can do about it.