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About us

STJARNA is an independent platform with the following goals:


Help people searching for a job with transparent and honest information about tech employers.


Help (tech) employers improve their company culture and employee happiness.

Our story

We founded STJARNA because we ourselves have had very positive and very negative experiences when it comes to employers. We have seen examples of how it should and should not be done. That is why we would like to contribute to improving the workplace at Dutch tech companies, and really put these topics on the map.

Our team

Our team consists of a handful of enthusiastic tech professionals. We all happen to be Groningen-based, but because we are an all-remote company, people from other parts of the Netherlands could also become part of our team.

Do you want to join us?

Are you also enthusiastic about the STJARNA concept, do you have affinity with tech and startups, a clear opinion on issues like company culture and employee experience, and would you like to help build our concept? Send an email to in which you introduce yourself and tell us what you are good at. We will respond as soon as possible!